What's The Difference Between Uni & A Pathway

Over here at Year13 we go on and on about how your ATAR doesn’t define you and if you want to go to uni, there’s other ways to get in. Pathway programs are one of those ways. Just because you got a mystery mark, missed the cut off for your course, didn’t qualify for an ATAR or just didn’t finish high school, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to further your educ... Read More

No two post-school journeys are the same, and we’re all for you finding the opportunity that’s right for you. Whether you’re after a job, looking to continue your studies, or spend a year or two (or ten) travelling the world, we’ve got you covered.

Uni Offers: Should I Accept Or Decline?

It's the moment you've been working towards your whole schooling career. Your parents are hovering over you anxiously. Maybe your best friend is waiting on the other end of the phone to share the moment. You open your email and there it is. The offer you’ve been waiting for. But as your parents embrace you and your friends congratulate you, that sense of excitement and accomplishment that everyone so fondly looks back on is missi... Read More

University vs Private College: Which Comes Out on Top?

Choosing where to study after school has never been harder. While uni is getting more and more popular, it’s currently taking the average uni graduate over four years to find employment in their industry. So naturally, many of us are looking for alternative options. Enter private colleges. These guys offer a mixtu... Read More

A wise man once said, "any decision is better than no decision," and finishing school comes with a ship load of decisions! Lucky for you, there are no wrong answers. If the world is your oyster, then Year 13 is the knife that'll wrench apart that shell to reveal the goodness inside. So, let's eat!