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Didn't Get An ATAR? Uni Is Still On The Cards

This one goes out to those of you that straight up didn’t get an ATAR – don’t freak out. Whether it’s because you dropped out after Year 10 or weren’t eligible because of course requirements, life after high school doesn’t have to mean you can’t do the things you want just ‘cause you didn’t get a number assigned to you. There are apprenticeships and traineeships, gap yea... Read More

"The campus is beautiful; it’s well laid out with lots of grass areas and trees. It creates the perfect atmosphere for studying."

Valerie - Graduate - Dip. Science, BA Medical Science, BA of Oral Health

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What is Western Sydney University: The College?

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What is Western Sydney University's: The College? As the official pathways provider to Western Sydney University, The College offers a wide range of Integrated Diploma/Bachelor courses and Extended Diplomas to help you on your way to achieving your tertiary education and career dreams.

Upon successful completion, you’ll have the opportunity to gain entry to the second year of your degree at Western Sydney University.

"Everyone just needs to remember a low ATAR, or even no ATAR at all, doesn’t define who you are, it’s what you do after receiving a bad score that defines you. All you can do is work hard and beat down the negativity."

Matt - Dip. Arts - BA English (Secondary Teaching) Student

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Campus Life

With multiple campuses spread across the heart of Western Sydney in Blacktown (Nirimba), Bankstown, Penrith (Kingswood), The College combines modern architecture with rolling hills, blue skies and landscaped gardens. While each campus has its own unique attributes and atmosphere, all are friendly and multicultural, and well connected by public transport.