Here's How Being Creative Could Actually Land You A Job

Creative degrees get a bit of a bad rap. The war between ‘the arts’ and ‘the sciences’ isn’t a new one, but it’s definitely something we need to talk about. In an age when creativity is becoming more and more important (not to mention more viable in an increasingly automated world), we can’t have students who aren’t interested in equations and the periodic table told that creative degrees are a was... Read More

Follow Your Vision Not The Crowd

Our uniqueness is defined by our people. It is defined by the individuality, distinct talents, personal histories, and achievements of each of our lecturers, and of each and every one of our students. It is the way these all interact to create the unique dynamics and superior outcomes delivered in every course.

How To Get A Career In Music (P.S. You Don’t Have To Be A Musician)

Music is one of those industries that seems near impossible to crack into. You could have the perfect voice, the sickest guitar skills and all the musical knowledge of a young Beethoven, but just be missing the crucial contacts you need to... Read More

Meet JMC Students

Listen to Elle, Jake & Angie tell us about their awesome experience at JMC Academy