How To Start Your Own Beauty Business

Beauty therapy is all about making people feel good about themselves. If you’re the friend who needs to get to the party three hours early so you can do everyone’s makeup, helps your mates who over-plucked their eyebrows in Year 7 or can apply a fake tan perfectly every time, then starting your very own beauty business coul... Read More

The beauty industry is booming right now if we're going to put things mildly. With a whole new world of beauty products, techniques and treatments being developed, there's a big demand for people who know how to use them. That's what Ella Bache College is all about - getting you prepped for a career making the world a more beautiful place as a beauty therapist.

The Colleges' courses are flexible so you can study on-campus in Sydney, or online with practical assessments taking place in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. You'll graduate with actual experience under your beauty tool belt. Plus, the qualifications are super transferable, so it could help you travel the world as a beauty therapist, or maybe even one day help you start up your a business, running your own salon or product range.

The trainers were a helpful guidance and offered us the best possible resources to begin my journey as a beauty therapist. The course was really hands on, it helped me grow and start off as a confident therapist, and it really prepared me for when I stepped through the doors of a salon.

Laura Adamson - Ella Baché Alumni

The Rise And Rise Of The Beauty And Make Up Industry

At a time when many industries are shrinking in Australia, the beauty industry is flourishing (can’t you tell? Everyone always looks so glam, tanned and glossy nowadays). A wider range of people are spending more and more money on their appearance, which means the industry has grown to generate approximately $5 billion revenue nationally this yea... Read More